Drug-related Offence

Are you being charged with drug possession?

Are you facing charges of illegal drugs possession for purpose of trafficking?

A search has been conducted and led to your arrest?

Our seasoned team of lawyers can rigorously analyze the evidence the prosecution intends to use and target the aspects most beneficial to you to allow for a relentless defence.

If you have been convicted of a drug offence in the past and this is your second drug-related charge, our team can take care of your defence.


  • Drugs possession
  • Drugs possession for purpose of trafficking
  • Production of illegal drugs

Getting ready

Here is how to effectively prepare for the first meeting with a lawyer. It is a first step in taking charge of your defence.

1To make sure you don’t forget important details, we recommend you write down the sequence of events quickly after your arrest.

(Day of the week, date, time, place, witness names, contact information, if any, and the context leading up to the charge.)

2Gather all documents related to your charge into one file. Before proceeding with any correspondence, we recommend you meet with a lawyer and bring these documents with you.

Cabinet Solution Avocat, criminalistes en préparation d'une stratégie

3Contact us promptly to schedule a free initial consultation at our Montréal or Longueuil office. We can explain the upcoming judicial process, professionally prepare your defence, and answer all your questions.

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