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Fair sentence

In criminal matters, many forms of sentences can be applied, including:

  • Firm jail term;
  • Conditional imprisonment;
  • Discontinuous imprisonment;
  • Suspended sentence;
  • Probation order;
  • Absolution conditionnelle;
  • Absolute discharge;
  • Amende;

The sentence to be imposed by the court rests on a combination of factual, legal and personal elements, all related to the offender. At the crucial stage of sentencing, you can count on our experienced lawyers to rigorously prepare the arguments in favour of your best interests.

A sentence can also be negotiated between prosecution and defence lawyers, as they can both agree on submitting a common suggested sentence to the court.

Such legal representation is always crucial in determining what is fair under the circumstances. It remains a matter of finding the right balance between mitigating and aggravating factors while emphasizing the importance of rehabilitation for the offender.

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