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Criminal Law Sentencing

A guilty verdict is far from being the only outcome of a given criminal case. Although being acquitted is by far, the best any defendant can hope for, there is a lot at stake in sentencing.

Once a defendant is found guilty beyond reasonable doubt, or has pleaded guilty, sentencing submissions can then be presented to the court. sentence débutera.

The Criminal Code provides for several sentencing principles to be considered taking into account a number of factors such as

  • The adequacy of the sentence in relation to the offence;
  • If the offender has a criminal record or not;
  • The degree of remorse and introspection expressed;
  • The rehabilitation perspective;
  • The risk of recidivism.

A number of personal and legal factors can therefore be brought forward and discussed at the sentencing hearings.

It is therefore of the utmost importance for a defendant to be adequately represented from a legal point of view. With the hope of getting a fair and reasonable sentence, he or she must present the court with strong and persuasive arguments concerning the particular situation at hand. Contact us today.

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