You are being charged with obstructing a police officer?

The police want to meet with you in regards to a mischief investigation?

You are being accused of breaking your conditions?

Don’t let the wording of the offence speak for you. Get your side of the story known and your fundamental rights heard. Our team of dedicated lawyers can take care of the legal proceedings to ensure a professional outcome and by doing so, re-establishing the balance of power between you and the state, on a plain level field.


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  • Obstructing a police officer
  • Perjury
  • Public Mischief
  • Failure to appear in Court
  • Breach of conditions
  • Breach of probation

Getting ready

In preparation for the first meeting with us, here is what you can prepare.

1Write down every detail that seems important soon after your arrest:

  • Day of the week, date, time of events;
  • Where they took place;
  • Witness names and contact information, if any;
  • The context leading up to the charge.
  • Description of the merchandise you are accused of stealing: describe the items, their value and the location of the merchandise at the time of your arrest;
  • Did you have any money on you at the time of your arrest? How much money?
  • Was the merchandise recovered by the store following your arrest?

2 Gather all documents the police handed out upon your arrest. Read the terms carefully and make sure to follow them. It is important to remember that if you do not appear in court on the day you are supposed to, and if no lawyer is there to represent your behalf, the Court will issue a warrant for your arrest.

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3If you have received a letter demanding a sum of money in order to repair the damage caused to the store where the theft took place, it is strongly suggested to meet with us.

4Contact us promptly to schedule a free initial consultation at our Montréal or Longueuil office. We can explain the upcoming judicial process, professionally prepare your defence, and answer all your questions.

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