Threats and criminal harassment

The police contacted you in connection with a criminal harassment charge?

You are charged with death threats or threatening to cause bodily harm to another person?

A complaint has been filed against you in regards with your matrimonial situation and you must follow strict conditions?

We are well aware of the stress such accusations can cause on your marital, professional and personal life. Allegations of violence are always unwelcome and can be disruptive from a professional and personal point of view. This is why you need to consult with a criminal lawyer.

Nous pourrons vous aider à éviter un casier judiciaire, modifier vos conditions et surtout retrouver votre paix d’esprit.

Getting ready

Voici ce que vous pouvez faire en vue du premier rendez-vous avec nous.
  • Remain silent and do not make any statements to the police until you have consulted with us;
  • Keep evidence of your communications with the complainant. Keep them in a file;
  • Be sure to add your court date and fingerprinting date to your calendar;
  • Avoid commenting on the situation on social networks;
  • Respectez vos conditions de remise en liberté;
  • Make an appointment with our firm as soon as possible so that we can prepare your case and preserve your rights.
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