Economic Crimes

You are charged with a fraud of more than $5,000?

You are charged with a fraud of less than $5,000?

The police are asking questions in regards to an economic offence?

You are being accused of forging or falsifying a document?

In matter of economic crimes, our dedicated team can rigorously assume your defence. For this type of offence, prosecution must oftentimes rely on expert opinions and a significant number of judicial authorizations is involved. This is where our team’s highly analytical skills can be put to good use to offer the best representation under the circumstances.

Depending on your personal situation, there are solutions and they can be explained in plain English. In these cases, we generally concentrate on the main interest to be factored in stressing the mitigating and aggravating factors. Let our experienced lawyers take care of your defence. It’s in your best interest.


  • Fraud
  • Theft of identity
  • Tax offences
  • Forgery/use of false documents
  • Fraud against an employer
  • Theft
  • Corruption
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