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Notre cabinet, fondé en 2009, se consacre exclusivement à la pratique du droit criminel et pénal:

Impaired driving

Highway Safety Code


Possession of narcotics

Theft and concealment


Harassment and threats

Refusal to comply

Care or control of a vehicle while impaired

With Solution Avocat, criminalistes, you will be represented by combative lawyers who will strongly defend your interests and ensure the protection of your rights in court so as to raise a reasonable doubt in regard to your situation.

Me Marie-Joelle Demers, avocate criminaliste de Solution Avocat
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Our Mission

We aim to inform citizens about their rights and implement clear and effective defence strategies to avoid any criminal conviction and its consequences for our clients. Our team at Solution Avocat criminalistes takes the matter at heart and is committed to listening to its clients with empathy while ensuring confidentiality. Solution Avocat criminalists will oversee the file and are committed to providing empathetic and confidential listening.

Our Values

We value peace of mind and empathy, which allows the fulfilment of our mission and corporate vision.

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